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Tom, the boys and I wanted to thank you and your crew for a fabulous, adventurous, spectacular, memory making trip down the Middle Fork. The kids are still talking about the “big one” that got away, “ottering” down the river, jumping off a 40′ bridge narrowly escaping with their lives, hiking to a hot springs hot tub, navigating the (I think we are up to level 10) rapids on the JP Pirate ship, cliff jumping, and heavily debating if melted chocolate is better on s’mores.

I’ll remember all that as well as the highly orchestrated river team who behind the scenes worked diligently and patiently to give us an awesome vacation to remember. A team who kept the kids engaged and in line, provided empathy and insight on dealing with the benefits and trials of being the youngest (I know Peter really appreciated it), turned missing lasagna noodles into one of the best spaghetti dinners ever, commandeered 2 of the 3 blown away tents out of the river, somehow managed to get a daypack left behind at a lunch sight returned the next day in the middle of the river, brought us back to the college days (not sure if that was a good thing), and did it all with a smile.

I’ll miss the bright stars and the pure beauty and serenity of the river – you’re so lucky to be able to enjoy it as often as you do.

Thanks again for everything – you guys are great! Wishing you continued success and safe travels down the river.

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